Martin Michel, Managing Director heavens media.

The saber-rattling between the TV store and the social media representatives is now unmistakable. Especially Facebook does not tire to position itself through new (questionable) advertising effect documents on the subject of moving against TELEVISION. This is in my eyes not just pass away methodology of measurement in many areas vulnerable. Also see neural aspects, TV commercials and online videos in the Facebook newsfeed exhibit very large differences in effectiveness as neuro-insight's market researchers have found out recently on behalf of the provider of video advertising Teads.

Therefore, enable editorial premium channel significantly more than social feeds the brain and produce therefore 16% higher advertising impact.

Established passport is away with the active decision of the audience or consumer for the respective editorial material. This personal relevance is the reason, why pass away content and make advertising more intense and concentrated are perceived as social feeds, look away mostly be overflown.Therefore, enable editorial premium channel significantly more than social feeds the brain and produce therefore 16% higher advertising impact.

In addition, premium content has a positive effect on behaviour. So high-quality environments affect considerably more (+ 15 percent) therefore called peak-detail memory, in which detailed memories are stored and that is critical for a consumer purchase intention.

All these results for a premium content providers also are so gratifying - they rain definitely thinking at me if we legitimately hope is the current Buzz topics such as automation or big information on where, not the emotional A little neglect component of advertising and its effect on the consumer. Especially in the creation of campaigns by looking into the brain or the measurement of eye movements and heart rate can be in their effects optimize and increase in their efficiency.

Fire safety.

But go back to the environments and the extremely important for me question after the label security, because only in the context of high-quality, brand-compliant content advertising is perceived also sustainable and positive. And here we have of course a big advantage over social platforms, because we unlike Facebook, YouTube, and carbon monoxide content itself determine the offered Web and pretend and hence a corresponding quality as a moving image marketers ensure can.

Perish is strength of premium content likewise quite complex and pass away relevance of high-quality content for the advertising market is also not abate - on the contrary. The more fragmented our media landscape, the more search for a reliable editorial framework that enables them to successfully communicate with their target audience.Pricing for products, services, & craft

The price for your offer plays an essential role in the advertising and marketing. You can use the device to pricing each Excel pass away costs that determine profit margin and thus to calculate the price for your product or service. To quantity, perish different cost and the desired profit is included in the template for the pricing.

Lose also your competitors not from the eyes - your offer should be ideally positioned. You should consider the pricing in your financial plan and business plan.

Pricing for products, services, & craft

Determine the optimal price is an important factor for entrepreneurial success. But how do you find the "right" price? Our pricing tool provides an answer to that.

The Excel tool located in 3 different price calculations. One each for take away pricing of products, one for the determination of the price or the hourly rate for services and a tool that is specifically intended for craftsmen.

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